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unable to connect to vpro system using vnc viewer plus from remote computer


I have setup a new vpro computer and I am able to connect to it from another computer on the local lan using the intel system defence utility and vnc viewer plus. However, I am not able to connect to the Vpro computer from outside of the local lan or from the internet. I have setup port forwarding on the local router to fordward port 16992 to the vpro computer ip address. I am able to connect to the vpro computer from the internet using the intel system defence utility, but not with vnc viewer plus. when I bring up vnc viewer plus on the remote computer and click connect, I enter the vpro user id and password and in a few seconds I get the following message: "the connecion closed unexpectedly". I have also disabled all antivirus and firewalls on the remote computer. Any advice to get vnc viewer plus to work would be greatly appreciated.

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May not be the way your looking for, but if you configure your router to have a DMZ computer, and make that computer the target system, you should be able to access it from the internet.

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You need to also forward port 16994 to the machine. I had the same problem, and a colleague gave the right hint. Even though, 19662/16993 are the most obvious ports to forward, vPro systems actually also use ports 16994/16995 - so these also need to be forwarded - depending on whether you use TLS or not.

I hope this helps.


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