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Hello dears,

how are you? glad to send an email to leaders of one of the best system Co in the world, I'm a network Administrator in a telecom Co, with more than 2000 PCs in a big area as a country, I have to ask you a question about AMT service on your products, I need to monitor any BIOS in my network, it means that if I want change boot device in all PCs I must send support engineers in floors to do it, but if it can be centralize, our problem will be solved, would you please let me know exactly if our Motherboards be in two models "Intel 865G & 945GC" and our CPUs be "Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20 GHz"(it don't have any label inside) it can be include AMT service or not, coz I check any setting in CMOS setup but didn't see any setting about AMT, also this service is very very useful for me and I need it, if not, then can I have any other solution to install any other driver on our PCs to solve it also can I upgrade it to be able in supporting vPro or AMT that include vPro I think, or do you have any other solution to me in accessing BIOS remotely in our network and can change BIOS Configuration remotely?

also glad to have a useful and complete guide in AMT service installation

Really thank you so much in your advance,



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