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vpro AMT black screen



I have s Dell E6630 with vpro.

I followed instructions on How to Remotely Control Your PC (Even When it Crashes) to set up AMT on my laptop.

Now I can connect to the laptop using Manageability commander tool. But when I try to take control I get a just a black screen only instance it works when I boot into the bios. but all other aspects works perfectly even the viewer with realvnc.

I'm running both machines on the same subnet without any firewall.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance..

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I think specialist on AMT will be able to help you with this. I will move your post there.

Kevin m



"Take Control" button in AMT Commander opens AMT Terminal it is console end of SOL & IDE-R features of Intel® AMT.

Intel® AMT SOL (Serial over LAN) is a serial connection over TCP/IP - in target system it is represented as ... Intel® Active Management Technology SOL COM port (ussually COM 3 or COM 5).


So as this is not a RDP or direct (shell) connection you will see blank screen until something starts to listen on this port in target system OS or BIOS.



As will all serial ports it is able to send bytes that represent ANSI text characters -think about it as old good times modem



Intel® Core™ vPro™ BIOS shall be designed in a way that allows it to send POST text based strings to this Intel® AMT SOL COM port (if you will choose Remote Reboot from Commands) and also ANSI text based BIOS setup.

At the OS level you need OS application to hook to Intel® AMT SOL COM port and listen to the commands + send messages.



You may try AMT Outpost program from AMT Manageability Toolkit - install it on target system to be controller - there is Serial Agent feature to enable -it will then listen to your remote commans in AMT Terminal Serial Connaction. Openning remoetly shell is one of its features.



For background agent type I would recommend to try MeshCentral agent (its Serial Agent feature) -go to

To use Intel® AMT IDE-R boot redirection you have :

  1. Load BOTH redirect images for Virtual FDD (.img) AND Virtual CD/DVD (.iso) files in Redirect menu.


    If you have only one of the to be used - create dummy image file (0B empty text file- rename it to dummy.img or dummy.iso) for the other one.
  2. Activate Redirection (in same menu)
  3. choose boot image to boot target system from in Commands: ..from CD or from Floppy.