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An error(afu_fit.green_region.pmsf not exit ) occurred when I use aoc to compile OpenCL kernels on pac_a10 fpga board.


An error occurred when I use aoc to compile OpenCL kernels(even official samples,such as and on pac_a10 fpga board.


$ aoc -v device/ -o bin/hello_world.aocx -board=pac_a10

aoc: Environment checks are completed successfully.

aoc: Cached files in /var/tmp/aocl/ may be used to reduce compilation time

You are now compiling the full flow!!

aoc: Selected target board pac_a10

aoc: Running OpenCL parser....

aoc: OpenCL parser completed successfully.

aoc: Optimizing and doing static analysis of code...

aoc: Linking with IP library ...

Checking if memory usage is larger than 100%

aoc: First stage compilation completed successfully.

Compiling for FPGA. This process may take a long time, please be patient.

Error (213009): File name "output_files/afu_fit.green_region.pmsf" does not exist or can't be read

Error: Quartus Prime Convert_programming_file was unsuccessful. 1 error, 0 warnings

Error (23031): Evaluation of Tcl script a10_partial_reconfig/flow.tcl unsuccessful

Error: Quartus Prime Shell was unsuccessful. 7 errors, 3326 warnings

Error: Compiler Error, not able to generate hardware


When I compile any other kernels ,I also get this error.

I used to compile opencl kernels successfully, but now something went wrong.

How can I fix it?

my version of Intel fpga sdk for OpenCL is 17.1.1,my board is pac_a10.


Looking forward to your reply!Thank you very much!


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