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please post comments with your #xpublog thoughts, feedback, and suggestions

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Together we can make this a great place to discuss my blogs and videos, share feedback, and offer suggestions for future blogs and articles (I love input!). I will generally write about software development for XPUs (heterogeneous computing), including oneAPI, SYCL, DPC++, C++, performance, and parallel programming. Don't be surprised to see Python and Fortran in the mix, they are both great tools.

Please do not request support here. Please post support related questions at where our support engineers will review them and help you. Of course, if you do not get enough attention there - I do want to know about it (after I get over my disappointment, I will help figure out things if the support forum isn't working).

In my first xpublog post, I discuss three things:

  1. what the heck is an XPU - and why should I care?
  2. what is SYCL, and how can it be used to make our neurotic kitten lighten up (you won't want to miss that)
  3. how can I try it out for myself using the Intel DevCloud for oneAPI (all free, easy, and very cool)

As a community, I appreciate respectful technical discussions a great deal. You won't find me thrilled if any discussion gets off track in that respect. Technical debate is great - it makes us all stronger. Let's have fun in our discussions while respecting each other.

I look forward to your thoughts, feedback, and a good discussion.

James Reinders

Twitter JamesReinders
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Your Blog is too good and informative. I am searching for Software Related Blog and I get exact article i am thankful to you for sharing this educational article .Keep writing and sharing educational article like this which can help us to grow our knowledge.


My keynote presentation for the SYCLcon, April 28, 2021, can be viewed at

I hope you enjoy it.


An awesome article about major new work that uses SYCL (DPC++ compiler) and oneAPI helping NWChemEx: Computational Chemistry Code for the Exascale Era