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Why Media SDK h264 decoding needs so many virtual memory?


I tested Media SDK for h264 video decoding using HW accelerate, everything goes well but the virtual memory space occupying.

1 h264 video decoding (1280*720) took about 100MB virtual memory space in the test, and I monitored the memory index when decoding program was running, the committed memory is about 100MB, but the private working setting is only about 50MB, seems about half of the virtual memory is on the paging files.

I also tested the multi-channels h264 video decoding, the results was seem with the one-channel decoding, there is also about half of the virtual memory is on the paging files.

Is there any ways to decrease the decoding virtual memory space occupying? Because I need to process more than 16 channels of video coding in one process, it will use up to 2GB virtual memory address space.

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You can save some memory by making sure to set ASyncDepth=1, but I believe you will still not have enough memory for 16 channels of 720p content.  We are constantly looking at ways to improve our memory footprint as well as performance, but we do not currently have a solution for supporting this usage in only 2GB.

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