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2018 R1 for Windows 10 only?


I've just changed up to Media SDK 2018 R1 from 2016 R 2.

I just noticed that the Release Notes for 2018 R1 say that it supports Windows 10, but mention of support for Windows 8 and Windows 7 has disappeared from the release notes.

One of our items of software currently still uses DirectX 9 and needs to run on Windows 7, and the main build machine for it is also Windows 7. Our software does seem to build and run 32 and 64 bit versions OK with 2018 R1 on Windows 7 (so far at least!)

Can you please clarify what the absence of Windows 8 and 7 in the Release Notes actually means? Does it mean that 2018 R1 can only be used to build software that will only run on Window 10? Does it mean that the build machine must also be Windows 10 only ?

Confusingly, the release notes also say "This release supports only 64-bit Microsoft* Windows* applications" and "Microsoft DirectX* 11.1 is the only supported acceleration infrastructure" but yet it seems to work fine for creating 32-bit applications and DirectX 9 - can you clarify this aswell?

Given my requirements (32 and 64 bit application that uses DirectX 9 on Windows 7/8 and 10), if I am not supposed to be using 2018 R1, what is the most recent version of the Media SDK that I should be using and where can I download it from ?



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