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4K AVC Encode in hardware

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I have seen have seen information on the Internet that 4K AVC decode is available on Ivy Bridge, and will be on Haswell, too.

I have experimented with 4K encode on Ivy Bridge, and from performance metrics, it seems encoding is occuring in software.

Could someone from Intel comment on whether 4K encoding in hardware will be available on Haswell?

Also, is it possible to hear about potential for support of HEVC H.265 in upcoming CPUs?

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Hi Cameron, You are correct about acceleration of 4K encoding on Ivy Bridge. The Media SDK correctly reports that full hardare acceleration is not avialable when the encode Init function is called (and the encoding occurs without accelration). We generally do not comment on product features publically before they are released. However, your interest in these features is valuable and is understood. Thank you -Tony
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Interestingly, the libva-intel-driver from Intel is now claiming to support 4K encoding on Ivy Bridge and Haswell, so, I'm inferring that hardware acceleration is available, but I presume implementation of 4K hardware encoding and a release from the Media SDK team would probably be necessary. [They are already doing great stuff, for sure.] for libva info, see page: