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Adaptive B frame



System Configuration 

Windows 7 64 bit, Intel I7 processor

used sample - Intel Media Samples

I am working on low bitrate H264 aprox 2000 - 2500 kbps. I am using Constant bitrate control mode. I have set 7 as a Target Usage. My h264 output Quality is good.

->My problem is when in Input scene change occur, in output I found pixelation. To remove that I need to add Adaptive B or P frame. But when I tried to set this parameter in option 2 video parameter INTEL SDK Stops giving the output.

->Is there any special technique to use adaptive B frame. I have set B pyramid ON in coding option 2, and used ref frames = 3.

If possible please help me.

Thank you

Dhrumil Sheth 


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