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Calpella/Intel HD Graphics support for Media SDK 2.0

I am installing Graphics HD driver ( a Calpella system i5 520M 2.4GHz QM57 chipset.
It installs the hardware lib for Media SDK version 1.5.

Installing Media SDK 2.0 Gold does not work with this graphics driver, there is no harware accelleration.
IsHWMfxLib is not getting set in the registry and Media checker indicates hardware decode is not enabled.

When I install Media SDK 1.5 then it seems that hardware is enabled, IsHWMfxLib is set and Media checker indicates hardware calls are occuring.

Is there a later version of Graphics HD driver that installs and supports SDK 2.0? When I install the same driver on Huron River system, it installs hardware lib for Media SDK version 2.0and works with Media SDK 2.0.
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Hi tjwestbr,

The Intel Media SDK 2.0 GOLD package thats posted does not carry a hardware accelerated DLL, it is instead put on the clients machine via the graphics driver. A production graphics driver containing 2.0 DLLs will be available for Sandy Bridge platforms when the product launches. Calpella platforms can use the 1.5 version, or the 2.0 version DLLs, but the library must be initialized with version = 1.0 in MFXInit (, version,). I attempted to explain this in a recent blog posting.. read this over and if you still have questions let us know..



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