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Capture - unable to use RGB4 + capture performance


3 questions:

1.) RGB4 capture does not seem to work on a Haswell device, YUV40 (default) seems to work as expected. Maybe I am doing something wrong? (See below)

2.) The Capture performance is not great. I see around 40 fps on the renderer capturing a 1200 x 1600 (portrait and landscape) @ 60 Hz, although frame capture latency seems to vary. Sometimes we miss a single frame, sometimes up to 3 frames (verified through a high frame rate camera). The target is a constant 60+ FPS. Can the Media SDK achieve this? What is the performance expected to be on broadwell/haswell platforms?

3.) Are we be able to specify the display output we are capturing? i.e. by default the primary desktop is captures. If the setup has multiple screens can we capture other displays?


For Question 1.)

YUV420 capture works fine:

C:\Intel Media Samples\_build\x64\Debug>sample_decode capture -p 22d62c
07e672408fbb4cc20ed7a053e4 -h 100 -w 100 -r
plugin_loader.h :157 [INFO] Plugin was loaded from GUID
Decoding Sample Version

Input video     CAPT
Output format   YUV420
Resolution      128x128
Crop X,Y,W,H    0,0,100,100
Frame rate      0.00
Memory type             d3d
MediaSDK impl           hw
MediaSDK version        1.15

Decoding started
Fame number:   40, fps: 36.200, fread_fps: 0.000, fwrite_fps: 105.589



However RGB4 does not, and fails on the frame allocation call:

C:\Intel Media Samples\_build\x64\Debug>sample_decode capture -fourcc r

gb4 -p 22d62c07e672408fbb4cc20ed7a053e4 -h 100 -w 100
plugin_loader.h :157 [INFO] Plugin was loaded from GUID

Return on error: error code -3, src\pipeline_decode.cpp 641

Return on error: error code -3, src\pipeline_decode.cpp 287

Return on error: error code 1,  src\sample_decode.cpp   496

plugin_loader.h :183 [INFO] MFXBaseUSER_UnLoad(session=0x00000000002F8450), sts=


C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Media Server Studio 2015 R4\Software Development
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 92C3-3B1C

 Directory of C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Media Server Studio 2015 R4\Softwa
re Development Kit\tools\mediasdk_sys_analyzer

05/29/2015  08:54 AM    <DIR>          .
05/29/2015  08:54 AM    <DIR>          ..
09/19/2014  12:43 PM           265,632 mediasdk_system_analyzer_64.exe
09/15/2014  01:46 PM           111,461 readme-mediasdk-system-analyzer.rtf
               2 File(s)        377,093 bytes
               2 Dir(s)   1,517,199,360 bytes free

C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Media Server Studio 2015 R4\Software Development
Intel Media SDK System Analyzer (64 bit)

The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver:

        Version Target  Supported       Dec     Enc
        1.0     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.0     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.1     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.1     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.3     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.3     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.4     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.4     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.5     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.5     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.6     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.6     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.7     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.7     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.8     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.8     SW      Yes             X       X

Graphics Devices:
        Name                                         Version             State
        Intel(R) HD Graphics 5000                 Active

System info:
        CPU:    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4250U CPU @ 1.30GHz
        OS:     Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
        Arch:   64-bit

Installed Media SDK packages (be patient...processing takes some time):

Installed Media SDK DirectShow filters:

Installed Intel Media Foundation Transforms:
  Intel« Hardware VC-1 Decoder MFT : {059A5BAE-5D7A-4C5E-8F7A-BFD57D1D6AAA}
  Intel« Hardware H.264 Decoder MFT : {45E5CE07-5AC7-4509-94E9-62DB27CF8F96}
  Intel« Hardware MPEG-2 Decoder MFT : {CD5BA7FF-9071-40E9-A462-8DC5152B1776}
  Intel« Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder MFT : {4BE8D3C0-0515-4A37-AD55-E4BAE19AF
  Intel« Hardware Preprocessing MFT : {EE69B504-1CBF-4EA6-8137-BB10F806B014}

Analysis complete... [press ENTER]

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I should add to get the 40 fps I had to turn off all visual enhancements in advanced system settings for windows. Without this we see ~15 fps

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We are able to reproduce issue 1 you are seeing, checking internally on the issue and will update. On the expected performance on HSW machines are 220fps (Win7, DX9, SW mode) and 24fps (Win8.1, DX9, SW mode) will update with numbers on BDW. In regard to question 3 on multiple screen/monitors an idea to try would be using  Multiple monitors feature in MediaSDK (details on page 195 in mediasdk-man.pdf), where you can specifically assign  and initialize the graphics adapters and capture when you switch them to primary adapter.


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Thank you kindly for the response Harsh.

To follow up,

1.) Do you expect capture to work on ivy bridge devices? I can't get it to work, but question if it is even supported considering the SDK won't install either sighting the machine does not meet the minimum requirements. Would be nice if it does (even if its sub 60fps)

2.) Regarding the capture on Haswell, you say 220 fps Win7/DX9/SW mode. 220 fps in software? That would be impressive. Either way I'm running Windows 7 on the Haswell device, with D3D(9) memory. Inhardware mode, running windows 7 out of the box (default visual settings from the advanced system settings windows panel), I see ~18 fps. If I switch to software mode (-sw) switch, I see ~17fps. Either way, both are woefully inadequate.  What can I do to improve the performance? What system configuration and resolution are you seeing 220 fps on?

3.) Why such low performance on windows 8? We will definitely have customers on Win8, we would need to see 60fps minimum to support those customers.



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The minimum system requirements are required for installing MediaSDK. INDE MediaSDK is supported on 64-bit systems. Also the required HW support for the feature is supported via our graphics drivers and IvyBridge platforms may not include this support.Please use platforms HSW and above for better performance.

You can send me a private message directly on more data on performance benchmarking.


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