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Change brightness, hue etc at run time using VPP


I am trying to use intel VPP for post processing my video frames. I create the video params and trying to initialize but when I add ProCamp filter it always says invalid video param supplied. I am not sure what is wrong. Code is same as per the samples. 

       m_tabDoUseAlg[m_filtersAdded++] = MFX_EXTBUFF_VPP_PROCAMP;

	memset(&m_procampConfig, 0, sizeof(m_procampConfig));
	m_procampConfig.Header.BufferId = MFX_EXTBUFF_VPP_PROCAMP;
	m_procampConfig.Header.BufferSz = sizeof(mfxExtVPPProcAmp);
	m_procampConfig.Hue = m_hue;
	m_procampConfig.Saturation = m_saturation;
	m_procampConfig.Contrast = m_contrast;
	m_procampConfig.Brightness = m_brightness;

	m_extBuffer[m_filtersAdded] = (mfxExtBuffer*)&m_procampConfig;

Same thing happens for frame rate conversion filter. I am not sure what is going on. I am assuming that because I have different frame rate for input and output, SDK probably will add a frame rate conversion filter, may be when I am trying to add it again it is giving issue, but not sure about it.

Also i need to know if I can change the filter configuration at run time. Ideally I need to change brightness hue etc on user input while the pipeline is processing the frames. 

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Anyone has any idea, i would really appreciate it.