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Comparison of performance between SDK and only VAAPI based Application



I am looking for  comparison of the performance between Media SDK and Vaapi based application. In other words, If i develop my application using Media SDK and same application using only VAAPI API's ( no SDK involved), then which one will be better in term of performance.

Presently, I am able to run Media SDK examples(here) on Linux machine and in some documentation I am seeing -vaapi options. Can I run same examples using -vaapi options  to see performance. 

With -vaapi option enabled, what difference it creates in actual implementation compare to Media SDK ?



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Hi Sumit -

If your intention is to use the QSV HW capability, then using the SDK will give better performance compared to direct VAAPI. The driver stack with Media SDK includes i915 (with our patches folded in), iHD (closed source), and VAAPI and MSDK as the public API. So, if you are planning to use opensource VAAPI, it will not come with all the perf features we added in (fast GPU copy, threading model, async depth etc.). It is up to the user application to add these. So in short, SDK perf >> direct VAAPI perf.

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