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Compilation of Intel SDK v3.0 examples with VS2010

Hi, I'm learning how to use Intel media SDK for transcoding from RGB to H.264 and vice versa. As the 1-st step I downloaded Intel media SDK v3.0 beta 3 and tryed to compile sample_common example with VS2010.
The supplied project was not native for VS2010, so it was converted by VS2010 with warnings, compilation succeed and sample_common.lib was created, but is missing any executable that I could to run.
Probably, the created library is part of some configuration. May be you can reference me how to make thing right. Thanks in advance.
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The sample_common project is just a code shared among other samples of MediaSDK. It doesn't produce any executable because it contains only utility code not intended to be used independently.

If you want to encode h.264 video you should probably start with looking at sample_encode. But MediaSDK h.264 encoder accepts video only in NV12 color format, thus before encoding you need to convert your video from RGB to NV12 color space. For this you can use VPP, and therefore take a look at sample_vpp. Combining VPP and h.264 encoder you can probably achieve what you want.

To convert video back to RGB you will need VPP and h.264 decoder. Decoding example is shown in sample_decode.
Thanks, I will try that.