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Decode parameters problem



I'm trying make a video conference applicaton, in first i had made the encoder module, so it's ready and now i'm working in the decoder.

My problem is to set up the mfxVideoParam structure;

I know the parameters that encode module is using so my idea is simply putting them in the mfxVideoParameter of the decoder and init it, but always get the error MFX_ERR_INVALID_VIDEO_PARAM in return.

I tried to run the project sample_decode to see how the parameters looks like in the structure after calling the method DecodeHeader but could not find any video file that the sample could read, the sample always stops while trying to retrieve the parameters with the DecodeHeader method.

since I'm trying to decode a video stream and not a file with a header, I believe that the method DecodeHeader not serve but found no example that shows the decode without using this method.

i know that could be a elementary question but i made my research and i failed to discover any input file to the sample decoder works fine.

thanks for the attention and sorry for the poor english,


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Hi Guilherme,

It seems the issue you're having is that the input stream provided to the Media SDK decoder is not of video elementary stream type. Perhaps you're trying to feed it a media container (e.g. mp4)?

You can find an example H.264 stream that works with "sample_decode" in the Media SDK package folder: "samples\_bin\content\"

Alternatively, you can generate a H.264 stream using for instance "sample_encode" or "sample_videoconf".

Also, for an alternate, more simplistic, implementation of decode using Media SDK, refer to the Media SDK tutorial here:



Hi Petter,

I really never had found the test_stream.h264 file in the content folder, with it i could find the error.

i was using the same IOPattern of the encode module. Thank you.

I had already looked the intel media sdk tutorial samples, all the decode samples uses the DecodeHeader method to get the decode parameters too

best regards