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Deploying a Media Server Studio application to a Pentium based device



For the last weeks i've been trying to get media sdk applications running on a pentium J4205 device running Ubuntu 16.10.
As far as I understand media server studio only supports Core processors, but does this also mean that I can't run applications developed with 
media SDK on non-Core platforms? This seems weird to me, since the processor clearly supports quicksync, I can even access this through VAAPI and use for example FFMPEG to do hardware accelerated encoding.

So basically what it comes down to: Is there any way to develop media sdk applications that can be run on the Pentium J4205 device? Or can media SDK applications only be deployed to Core processors? That would be a shame since the hardware is clearly there and feels a bit like an artificial limitation.

Thanks in advance! 

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I just read the following news:

Any change I can get this working with the J4205 processor?