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Detect original picture resolution in frame excluding letterbox


Detect inner picture resolution inside frame excluding letterbox

Does Intel Medi SDK provide cropdetect feature to detect letterbox/pillarbox size and location within frame. 
For example frame has size 1280x720 and includes encoded letterbox, but real scene picture without letterbox is actually 1280x528 pixel.

Another example: In ffmpeg//ffplay using this command "ffplay -i inputmovie.mp4 -vf "cropdetect=24:16:0"" , we can detect letterbox/  scene picture coordinates and size. It will return as "x1:0 x2:1279 y1:91 y2:627 w:1280 h:528 x:0 y:96 pts:285285 t:9.509500 crop=1280:528:0:96".

Can this be achieved in Intel Media SDK ?

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