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Does Intel Media SDK runs on intel edison ?


Hi all,      I'm trying to use intel Edison board for capturing USB camera and streaming the video in a local network. 

until now I used edi-cam project:  GitHub - drejkim/edi-cam: Video streaming on Intel Edison‌‌‌

which use mpeg2 encoder using ffmpeg,  I wanted to get same quality with lower bitrate and trying to change my encoder to h264/vp8.

the problem is that at least when using ffmpeg its looks like h264 encoding is too heavy on the processor and I get very low frame-rate.  


I thought maybe Intel IPP and(or) Intel Media SDK  have accelerated libraries which I can exploit on the edison board to get better performence (I would like to get at least 10FPS ).


Does anyone knows if Intel edison supports IPP or Media SDK ?

and, if anyone have other suggestion to resolve my problem I would appreciate it also. 



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Hi Dotan, 

Intel Edison board includes Intel(R) Atom processor. I do not have information about exact Atom processor on your edison board. But, Intel Media SDK support specific Atom processors with Intel Quick Sync technology. Please refer to MediaSDK release notes for supported hardware:

o Selected SKUs of Intel® AtomTM processors with Intel® HD Graphics which support Intel Quick Sync Video.

Please check on, if Atom processor on your Edison board includes Intel quick sync video technology, if yes, then MediaSDK HW accelerated libraries are supported. In regard to IPP, please direct your question to IPP forum here:



Hi Dotan,

To begin I am not an expert on Intel Edisson boards, so is it possible to send us the complete information of your hardware? Seeing the product brief of the Intel edisson board, I see supported OS is Yocto Linux, which is not supported by Media SDK or Media Server Studio. However I don't see there is an integrated graphics card either, due to which there will be no hardware acceleration i.e. Intel video quick sync technology which means you might be able to use sw implementation only depending upon the OS and hardware support.