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Dumb ? # 63: how do I get Camera Link video stream out to IP stream

So here's dump question #63. I'm just at the very beginning stages of design, and I am seeking a little help to get headed down the best path the first time.
I want to build an "appliance" PC that receives a camera video stream from a Camera Link frame grabber, and then forward that to an IP stream that's eventually headed to an IP video display appliance.
Right now, I'm researching the Intel Media SDK video conferencing capabilities, including a particular white paper.

Is this the right track, or should I be looking for some other kind of "model" to learn about, then perhaps tear up and reassemble, to make what I want?
FYI, I'm really experienced and a real expert at many things, just not video! I'm seeking first base here.
Thanks very much.
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Not a dumb question at all :)

I believe the Media SDK will be able to help with some aspects of what you are attempting, but not all of it.

The Media SDK operates on elementary video streams of video standards, but in the world of video there is often a lot of work to use this with expected transfer protocols. Some media areas to consider include:

- What is the format of the video stream data from the camera? What is the data? Full video frames, compressed video (H.264, etc.)

- What camera control is required? Software controlling cameras (drivers) is generally built around media software framework (for example, Microsoft DirectShow) and this will greatly affect the amount of work required.

- What other data is desired in IP stream and how will it be controlled? In general, the Media SDK allows you control the video part of the operation, but mixing audio or managing error conditions for your specific transport portal is something that you will have to consider.

Please take a look at the samples provided in the Media SDK to help see how this component can be useful.

Hope this information helps.