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Hi, we sold some NUC DC3217IYE to our customer & they got error code -10 when running Intel Video Decoding Sample from Intel Media SDK Samples to play the file created by Intel Video Transcoding Sample under Windows Embedded Strandard 7. We've tested it but got different error code -3 & 1 (as attached picture). What do those error code (-10, -3, & 1) mean? Does anybody have the checklist of Intel Media SDK error code? Thanks!


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-3 it‘s  undeveloped feature. -10 it's need more input data. the error define in the code.

you try "sample_decode.exe h264 -i test.264  -o test.yuv",i run no problem.

Intel(R) Media SDK Decoding Sample Version 4.0.760.60203
Input video     AVC
Output format   YUV420
Resolution      1920x800
Crop X,Y,W,H    0,0,0,0
Frame rate      30.00
Memory type             system
MediaSDK impl           sw
MediaSDK version        1.8
Decoding started
Came number: 3343

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I suspect what you're seeing with the -3 error is that the libmfxsw??.dll software library can't be found when you run the sample executable.  (SW is the default, to run with HW acceleration you need to add -hw to the command line.)  While the HW DLL is installed automatically with the graphics driver in the Windows Client release it may help to distribute the SW library with your application to make sure it is available.  While Windows will use its standard search procedure for the DLL you can be sure it will work if the SW DLL is in the same directory as the executable.

Sample_decode will work with the output of sample_multi_transcode.  Sample_full_transcode works with container formats, so the video elementary stream would need to be demuxed before working with sample_decode.

For other errors you can find the description in <installdir>/include/mfxdefs.h.

Regards, Jeff


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