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Fails to encode with ROI in Intel Media SDK 20217 R1 For Windows



I encountered one problem while using the mfxExtEncoderROI in the Media SDK, the problem is after the ROI information have been set, the Query() function failed with MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED, I wonder is this feature supported in my current development environment.

The Media SDK version I am using is: Intel Media SDK 2017 R1, the API version is 1.23.

I am using a NUC ( with a i7-6770HQ CPU with Iris Pro Graphics 580. My OS is Windows 10 Enterprise 64Bit.

Some parts of the code are listed as follows:

m_mfxROI.NumROI = 1;
m_mfxROI.ROI[0].Left = 480;
m_mfxROI.ROI[0].Right = 1440;
m_mfxROI.ROI[0].Top = 270;
m_mfxROI.ROI[0].Bottom = 810;
m_mfxROI.ROI[0].Priority = -50; // CQP mode
the failed function is:
 sts = GetFirstEncoder()->Query(&m_mfxEncParams, &m_mfxEncParams);
 MSDK_CHECK_STATUS(sts, "Query (for encoder) failed");
I attached pipeline_encode.h and pipeline_encode.cpp which can be directly put to the sample_encode example solution in the latest Media SDK samples for Windows. 
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