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Frame QP adjustment support on HEVC?


I'm using Intel MSS 2015 R6 on Windows 7 64bit, Core i5 4590 processor with very recent driver. And latest Intel Media Samples

When I tried to modify sample_encode to enable QP adjustment per-frame, I found it success when encoding with H.264 but failure when encoding with HEVC - no matter using HEVC SW plugin or HEVC HW plugin (i.e. GAcc mode).

My test case was like this:

I used Const QP mode with -qpi 25 -qpp 28 -qpb 29, and then encoded a yuv to a bitstream (A).

Then in the same conditions, I added a few code to enable mfxEncodeCtrl parameter to the EncodeFrameAsync() function calls, e.g. I set the "QP" parameter to 22 and encoded the same yuv to a bitstream (B).

By byte-to-byte comparison, I found bitstream A and B are exactly the same, which suggests that the QP adjustment in mfxEncodeCtrl doesn't work at all with HEVC encoding! -In contrast, if switching my command line to corresponding H.264 cases, it can be proved that per-frame QP does work.

Please correct me if anything wrong, and let me know in case per-frame QP adjustment is possible with HEVC?


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Thanks for reporting this issue.  I've replicated the behavior you've described and will get back to you soon (hopefully tomorrow) with next steps.



I have an update for you.

  • For the software and GPU accelerated HEVC codec plugins mfxEncodeCtrl .QP settings are not used, so the behavior you've described is expected.  
  • However, if you can update your hardware to 6th generation (Skylake architecture) the hardware accelerated HEVC does support setting QP via mfxEncodeCtrl.  This is the recommended path for your scenario.

Regards, Jeff