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Graphics Driver doesn't install MSDK support for hardware

I'm trying to use MSDK (verision to do some development on Windows 7 64bit. When trying to set everything up I'm noticing that the graphics driver (version Win7Vista_64_151718.exe) is not installing the files required for hardware support. I've been able to run the sample programs with software encoding/decoding, but they fail when trying to use hardware (-hw switch).

I believe some .dll files should be installed to %CommonProgramFiles%\\\\Intel\\\\Media SDK but not even the folders are being created. The rest of the driver seems to have been installed as the device manager lists Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset in the Display Adapters section with version and dated 10/13/2011 (an additional adapter with the same name appears if Show Hidden Devices is enabled in the View menu).

Are there steps I might be missing when installing the driver? I've also tried runnint setup.exe from but I'm getting the same result. Do I need to modify Setup.if2or Setup2.if2 to get the .dll's to install?

The Media SDK was installed before updating the driver from the version that Windows Update installed.
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Hardware accelerated Media SDK library for G45 (and GM45) platform was distributed differently. It comes as a part of Media SDK 1.5 and is named libmfxhw32/64.dll.

I have noticed there's no link available for Media SDK 1.5 download as it is quite an old version. I'll try to figure out the matter and will come back with update.

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