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H.264 decoding corruption problem with Media SDK 2014 R2.


Dear all, 

I meet a video corruption problem during working Intel Media SDK for decoding streaming video(ES) from IP camera

The data  sequence is SPS(00 00 00 01 67)+PPS(00 00 00 01 68)+I-slice(00 00 00 01 65).... P P P P ... SPS+PPS+I-slice ... and so on. 

The first package we send to Intel DecodeFrameAsync() is SPS+PPS+I-slice and function returns bit-stream "offset" which points to head of PPS position(00 00 00 01 68). <--- We don't know why..

Then, in second round we call DecodeFrameAsync(), the bit-stream structure with offset is PPS(00 00 00 01 68)+I-slice(00 00 00 01 65).

I think that video corruption(block artifact) is caused by Intel decoder doesn't receive correct IDR slice for coming P slice reference. 

P.S. I've tried to move the bit-stream offset to head of I-slice in second round call DecodeFrameAsync() and problem is resolved. 

Please help me to figure out the root cause and give me some suggestions. Thank you. 


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Thanks for your report.  If there is any way that you could record an example stream with this behavior as a short file that would help us investigate.