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H264 Decoded frames order



I have an issue with H264 output frames PTS. The input is a packets with PTS and DTS. In case PTS and/or DTS is available, I set the TimeStamp and DecodeTimeStamp values. But the output packets are not in the PTS increasing order. For example: 40, 80, 120, 160, 320, 240, 360, 280(milliseconds). The DecodeOrder field is set to 0(I tried to set it to 1, but the disordering becomes even worse) and the MaxDecFrameBuffering is also set to 0. What could cause this kind of issue ?

[Update] I've found out the output frames are in PTS increasing order. But the TimeStamp of the output surface is wrong. What is the correct logic to get valid output frames PTS value ?

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Hi Andrey,

I am apologized for late response, my understanding is, you are using sample_decode.exe in Windows and expected output frames are in PTS order with the correct timestamp.

If you can reproduce with sample_decode.exe, could you post your command line? I will try to reproduce it to help you.


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