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H264 decoder: access violation




I use in loop the sample_decode project with Visual Studio C++ 2010 PRO and Windows 7 PRO .

I've fixed to open alternatively 2 files (only progressive video): one with HD 1080P30 H264 video and the second one with 720P60 H264  video.

I did'nt create output file. I want only test he H264 decoder for simple H264 frame ( no GOP ).


If I decode only file with same video type IN LOOP, there no problem.

If I decode alternatively with 2 different video type , errors occur. 0xC0000005 ACCESS VIOLATION @  0x000000000 . After this error, when I change the video file MFX_ERR_UNKNOWN appears, and no more decoding is possible.

Perhaps I need to reset something before changing video file ?

Have you a solution ?




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Hi Delphine,

In general, to use videos of different resolution or properties this sample code requires you to reset the buffers.
Having said that, can you please give more details about how you are trying to pass 2 different type of video alternatively ?
I have tried reproducing this issue using 1 stream which has a resolution change (made by concatenating 2 different types of videos) and wasn't able to get the error you have mentioned above.