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HEVC HW decode on haswell



Hi I have a problem when i use HEVC HW decode with plugin was "33a61c0b4c27454ca8d85dde757c6f8e"

The follows is my code.

 MFXFrameAllocator*      m_pMFXAllocator;


sts = m_pMFXAllocator->Lock(m_pMFXAllocator->pthis, m_OutputSurface->Data.MemId, &(m_OutputSurface->Data)); 


sts = m_pMFXAllocator->Unlock(m_pMFXAllocator->pthis, m_OutputSurface->Data.MemId, &(m_OutputSurface->Data));


The first frame was OK, but the next frame it was locked on  " m_pMFXAllocator->Lock" function, it can not keep on next code. It was like dead locked on " m_pMFXAllocator->Lock" function.

PS: I use HEVC HW Plugin = "33a61c0b4c27454ca8d85dde757c6f8e", it was OK on init HEVC HW decode. 

In addition it was running normal when using SW decode with plugin was "15dd936825ad475ea34e35f3f54217a6".


The follows picture is my computer.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Chen, 

Thank you for detailed description on this issue. Let take it step by step to resolve this issue. 

1) Please check and confirm if you have latest drivers installed on the machine for here:

2) Update to latest MediaSDK 2016 package:

2) After above updates, please download sample package: ( and run sample_decode with following command line:

sample_decode h265 -i <inputfile> -o <outputfile> -hw -p 33a61c0b4c27454ca8d85dde757c6f8e. 

Let us know your results after completing above steps. If same issue is observed, please share the input clip and a log from system analyzer tool