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HW acceleration about mpeg2 decode on G43 chipset

Hi All,

I use sample_decode.exe to decode MPEG2 stream and the execution is fine.
But the implement of decode is SW, not the HW acceleration that I need

Here is the command I used,
"sample_decode.exe -hw mpeg2 -i c:\\input.mpeg -o c:\\output.yuv"
and the platform :
OS: Win 7 Ultimate (32bit)
CPU: Pentium Dual-Core E5300@2.6GHz
Mem : 2 GB
Graphics: GMA X4500 (G43 chipset) with (2010/10/15)
Media SDK : GOLD

Maybe the cause is the HW platform issue.
From the wiki, the different between X4500 and X4500HD(on G45 chipset) is the HW acceleration about VC-1 and H.264. The HW acceleration about MPEG2 seem to be the same(Maybe I am wrong).

Is there any possible software issue for this? Maybe something I missed.
Is any possible to use G43+E5300 to decode MPEG2 using HW acceleration?
(please tell me to replace the platform if now platform is out of Media SDK requirement)

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Sodeass,

The G43 chipset is not a supported platform for Intel Media SDK.

If you'd like to try out HW decoding through Media SDK you can choose among the following options:
- G45/GM45 platform + Media SDK 1.5 GOLD development package(libmfxhw*.dll included in Media SDK 1.5 is the hardware accelerated implementation for those platforms)
- Intel HD Graphics on Core i3,5,7 processors and the 2nd generation of Core ix processors (the latter architecture is also known under codename SandyBridge). Hardware accelerated implementations of Media SDK library for those platforms would be installed by the graphics driver and you can invoke them with sample_decode of Media SDK 2.0 using the -hw command line option.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
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