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How to Insert/Delete video frames within a VPP Plug-In?


Media SDK Client or Media Server Studio version installed: samples-f7b203bc2e5d601079721aca3508522ce025e1c5​

Processor Type: x86_64

Operating System: Linux

Concise Description of the Issue:

Two question about Insert/Delete video frames and Frame Rate Conversion(FRC):

1. By referring the sample codes, sample_multi_transcode and sample_plugin(OpenCL). I implemented an image interpolation algorithm through VPP plug-in(OpenCL) for customized Frame Rate Conversion(FRC).

As far as I know, there are three loops in sample_multi_transcode: Decode, VPP and Encode.

 Withing a VPP Plug-In, Is any possibility to change the output frame rate (ex: 30fps to 60fps)? and How to insert/delete a frame to/from the video stream?

2. By following Developer's Guide, I also tried to manipulate the FrameRate setting by given Vpp.In/Out.FrameRateExtN as 30 and 60. For my output video, I could have a 60 fps video. But it is by faster play (half of the original video length), ex: 10s to 5s. 

I expected to receive MFX_ERR_MORE_SURFACE interrupt by calling RunFrameVPPAsync within CTranscodingPipeline::VPPOneFrame(). But it always returns MFX_ERR_NONE(0) for my case. How I insert/delete a frame from VPP? 

with Many thanks in advance. 


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