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How to decode 4K H.264 decode + UYVY 422 (using VPP)


Hi All,

I checked the latest Intel Media SDK release note and found that it can decode 4K H.264. But it decodes only NV12. I also found it can do color conversion 4Kx4K. So I am looking for a demo which can decode H.264 (4K resolution) and generate UYVY.

I checked and found a sample code "simple_6_decode_vpp_postproc", I do not want scaling so I keep the cropW/cropH as like input. Then I changed the "VPPParams.vpp.Out.FourCC = MFX_FOURCC_YUY2;" and "VPPParams.vpp.Out.ChromaFormat = MFX_CHROMAFORMAT_YUV422;" I also change "bitsPerPixel = 16;" for the VPP output parameters as I am expecting YUV422 data.

But still the generated YUV output is NV12 only. Am I missing something here? Can I have a sample (or patch) if someone has already achieved it?

I am new to Intel Media SDK so I might have done some silly mistakes. please point out if that is the case.


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