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IBM x3250 vs Kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Media


I have several IBM x3250 server with intel E3-1285 and I am happy with them how they are working, but we are going to grow our media server farm. I have question regarding Kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Media, is it stable? what is the real difference betweeen 18 ibm x3250 server powered with E3-1285 and the kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Media?

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Hi Zurab, 

Great question. The difference between both the systems can be user dependent like the choice of processor in both server systems. Couple of them are - 
IBM x3250 server is a 1U form factor,  22 inch deep where as Symcloud MS2900 Media is a 2U, 21 inch form factor which means 42U. The IBM x3250 serevr with E3-1285 has GT2 graphics where as with Symcloud MS2900 you can get 4th generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor which has Gt3e graphics.

You can find more info about the both servers on below mentioned links - 
IBM x3250
Kontron Symkloud MS2900 &



Thank you SURBHI,

I know the phisical differences, but I am asking about processor diferences. which cpu is more stable and more powerfull for video transcoding acceleration? I have experience only with E3-1285 v3. and As you mentioned in kontron there is 4th generation i7. as I see the cpu which is installed is i7-4860eq which has 750mhz gpu, which is twice more than e3-1285 has. so means it that the i7 will work twice faster than e3?