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IMSDK linux : /dev/dri/card0 rights issue



I am using Linux IMSDK to encode a video stream. If I use my application while I am physically connected to the machine, all works well. However, if I try to use this machine remotely (ssh, enabling X forwarding and so on), my application crashes. It seems that there is a segfault somewhere in MSDK backend. Using strace, I can see that there is a permission issue on /dev/dri/card0.

Do you know if it is possible to trigger an application that uses IMSDK remotely ? I intend to use this application by script, at boot time, on a machine that won't have any keyboard or even screen.



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Intel Media SDK for Linux, as a server product, is intended to work headless.  It can work in applications that start up at boot and interact only via network.   Some quick things to check:

1) What are the permissions on /dev/dri/card0?

2) Is the user running Media SDK a member of the video group?

3) Does the application crash when run as root?

Please send more information on your setup.  Information like processor, Linux distribution, kernel version, and Media SDK version could help us figure out next steps.