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Integrating Intel-Media SDK with Unity Game Engine


Is there any available project on integrating Intel-Media SDK with Unity to decode and display videos on Unity Game Engine on windows platform?

Or can anyone please help me on how to integrate Intel-Media SDK with unity game engine exploiting the GPU capabilities to decode and display H264 encoded videos?

I will be happy to provide any further details about my scenario. (I want to change the encoded video file path and want to call the Intel-Media SDK to decode it then needs to put the frames on surface texture and pass it back to unity for display, specifically I am looking to build a media-player based on Intel-Media SDK ported with Unity game engine if any such project is not available)

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Hi Paul,

Media SDK doesn't have Unity integration, it works at C/C++. So you should work on some wrapper library to use it.

Here is the suggestion:

You need Unity (csharp environment)

Drop in a C/C++ dll exposing media sdk api

Note: For more efficiency and optimization - one can implement Unity Native Graphics plugin with OpenGL or DX11 to update unity  textures with graphics api in c++ in native dll for rendering faster.

Let me know if this helps.