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Intel H264 Decoder link VMR7

I get intel h264 decoder.dll from intel sample.
I create a mfc project, link decoder and vmr7
Have question it almost only draw 3~4 view, other vrm7 is black ,but i sure link not false.
How Intel H264 Decoder use  maximum limit ?
Or the it other problem cause this question?


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Hi Joe,

Can you please give us more details on how you are using our decoder before rendering the output - Codec, resolution, parameters you are passing, system/OS, FPS you are observing? We have some examples such as sample_decode and simpler examples called "tutorials" that can help you get started on our decoder. Once you give us these details, we can guide you on the best methods to extract most performance. (Few simple knobs to turn -> Use Target Usage mode "speed" or "-u 7" in our samples, and increase the asynchronous depth to 5 -- I can go over what these knobs mean once we get some more info from you to help us understand your solution).



This my system info:
OS : windows 8.1
CPU : i7-4720HQ
RAM : 8G

Link structure like :
[RTSP Filter (H264) ] -> [Intel H264 Decoder] -> [VMR7 (windowless)]

I try link 4k video is not show (black),
if link Full HD video can show 2 video,
link other video not over Full HD can show,
but only max 5 video.
If link video less than Full HD,
it can show 20 video (Exceed 20 it system crashes).
I need link 12 video 4k video!




Hi Joe,

From my experiments on a system similar to yours, the Media SDK decoder speed is much much higher than the 2 full HD streams you are able to display. The decoder operates at around 800-1000 fps for full HD and a fourth of that approx for 4K. So, I doubt if the issue is with the media sdk decoder itself. To ensure it is not, I would recommend you download our samples ( sample_decode in particular) and try decoding an h264 stream to measure the performance. And in our sample, we also initialize and use directX objects to render the decoded stream on the display. That will serve you as good starting points. Let us know how that works out for you. For issues beyond the scope of Media SDK, we will need direct engagement and issues logged using IPS.