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Intel Media SDK Client for Linux OS on E3800 Intel Atom


Does Intel Media SDK client is supported for Linux operating system for multimedia trans-coding capabilities on Intel E3800 platform. 

If no,than any other SDK which supports trans-coding capabilities for Intel Atom E3800 platform.


Thanks ,

Anil N



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Intel Media SDK for Linux only supports Xeon E3-1285+C226 chipset and 3rd/4th generation Core processors.  Today there are no plans for Atom.  

Of course we can't make any guarantees, but we always want to listen to feedback for future planning.  What kinds of use cases would you like to cover with Atom processors?  And what prevents you from considering Core i3, which is supported?  If there are any concerns with posting any of this information publicly please feel free to reply with a private message.

In theory you may be able to use libva directly, but I am not an expert on libva and it is beyond the scope of this forum.  From a Media SDK perspective you would be on your own with this path.  

Regards, Jeff


Thanks Jeffrey for your time and inputs .

I am looking for transcoding capabilities based on Intel Atom E3800 processor for Linux OS .The transcoding shall be hardware accelerated based on  Intel Media Engine using transcoding pipeline .

Is there any SDK supported by Intel for this scenarios or need to start from starch about accessing hardware accelerations for encode-decode.