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Intel® Media SDK RAW for Linux



will there be a Linux Version of the Intel® Media RAW SDK ?

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Hello Intel,

I will also second Andreas' question/request: We need integrated RAW processing support in Linux.

It does not really make any sense to us that there is this OS-limitation on the use of the RAW processing parts of the Media SDK. There does not seem to be any OS-specific characteristics of RAW processing that would limit it to Windows. For our use, it will likely, primarily, be used for embedded-like scenarios using Linux (Yocto-based), and given that the Media SDK is now also (officially) available for for embedded-like scenarios (e.g. using Apollo Lake), it would make much sense to incorporate RAW processing for such usages. For embedded-like situations, one may have a design with one or more (e.g. USB) cameras delivering RAW bayer data. 
In addition, I can imagine server processing work flows handling uncompressed RAW data as input e.g. in CinemaDNG, CineForm (=SMPTE VC-5) or similar formats. And I can imagine that many would want to handle such server work flows in Linux...


Best regards,

 - Jay