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Intel Media Server 2015 build RPM taking too long


I have two quetsions:

1) I am running CentOS minimal system on an Intel NUC with Atom Processor ( I am trying to install the Intel Media Sever 2015 (

I was successfully able to install the SDK, however after executing the build SDK command ($ ./build_kernel_rpm*.sh ) the computer has been compiling this command for about 5 hours now. Is this normal? 

The last two lines state:

--->+make -s ARCH=x86_64 v=1 KCFLAGS= modules

---> X.509 certificate list changed (it has been stuck here for a long time now).

Please let me know if this normal, or I need to change something.


2) After I have built this RPM, can I use it on other machines without rebuilding? What about other OS (Windows, etc.)?


Please let me know.

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Hi Kshitij, 

Media Server Studio provides limited hardware support, which is mentioned in the getting started guide
Supported core processor are -
Intel® Core™ Processors Intel® Xeon® Processors 4 th Generation Intel Core™ Processors with Intel Iris™ Pro Graphics, Intel Iris Graphics or Intel HD Graphics 4200+ Series.
5th Generation Intel Core™ Processors with Intel Iris™ Graphics or Intel HD Graphics (5500, 6000, 6100)

There is no support for Atom processor, due to which you are seeing difficulties in installing. 

However few SKUs are supported by Media SDK (shares same SDK and API as Media Server Studio, targeted towards client usage). Media SDK is only supported on windows OS. Check this article for more info -