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Intel Video Pro Analyzer: Request to add more to stats in CLI


The command line features of the analyzer has an option to dump statistics to an output stats.csv file. Is it possible to add add MV stats, specifically, min/max/avg for L0/L1. These are already part of Picture Stats and most of the Picture Stats are already being dumped. Could these be added as well?


L0 mv.x min/max/avg: -123/271/-36.9478

L0 mv.y min/max/avg: -115/79/-0.66769

L1 mv.x min/max/avg: -/-/-

L1 mv.y min/max/avg: -/-/-

L0 mv.x abs min/max/avg: 0/271/55.8573

L0 mv.y abs min/max/avg: 0/115/6.38296

L1 mv.x abs min/max/avg: -/-/-

L1 mv.y abs min/max/avg: -/-/-




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