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Is kernel patches from SDK already in main ubuntu kernel?



It seems that patches from kernel 3.14.5 already in kernel version like 4.4.*

Is it true? I've just try to apply patches to newer kernels but they are can not be applied (but it's normal) and after read some code I see that the code in kernel looks close to patches :)

Am I misunderstand and kernel 4.4.* not ready to work with quicksync out of the box or not? 

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I also notice, that sample_multi_transcode utility correctly works and all tests passed.

But my own utility not working and hangs. But it works with 3.14.5 kernel

I use SDK R5.


You are right that most of the patches are from upstream, so they can be found in newer kernels such as 4.4.x.  However, the newer kernel by itself may not be sufficient to enable all features.  This configuration isn't validated.  While some usages might be fine there should be no expectation that all scenarios will "just work" with a newer kernel without further tweaks on your part -- potentially to the kernel, i915 module, libdrm, and libva.  

The generic release package is provided to give you a starting point to work with a wide variety of Linux distros and kernel versions.  However, as with any scenario where you're changing the open source stack components, the source is there to change as you want but our ability to help you do it is very limited.  

Regards, Jeff