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MFX_IMPL_AUTO_ANY bug when upgrading to Intel(R)_Media_SDK_2016.0.2 ?


Using a version of the Intel Media SDK prior to 2016.0.2, one of our products performed perfectly fine.  After upgrade, we now have strange behaviour.

We are using primarily the hardware decoding features of the SDK on supported Intel hardware to provide excellent H264 decoding in the product.

The product is deployed on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 & Windows 10.  The integration to the Intel SDK is via C++ native code.

We use the MFX_IMPL_AUTO_ANY flag in the setup of the SDK to choose hardware accelerated decoding where available (virtually always) and provide the libmfxsw64.dll file to allow fall-back to software decoding where not available.

We have tested the upgraded product on two Intel systems:

- Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600          
- Intel(R) HD Graphics 520           

The product performs as expected on the 4600 system, but on the 520 system the hardware accelerated decoding is not enabled *WHILST* the libmfxsw64.dll file is available.  If the libmfxsw64.dll file is removed, the 520 system will perform hardware accelerated decoding.

The bug happens on the 520 for both Windows 7 & Windows 10.

This very much feels like a bug introduced in the 2016.0.2 SDK, as two other posts [both with no solution] have similar experiences:

The outputs from the SDK analyzer are attached.

Is there any work-around that can be suggested to correctly detect HW support on the 520?




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Hi Mark, 

According to the logs attached you're using Intel(R) Media Server Studio 2016 R2 on 6th Generation of Intel Processors (Skylake) that's not supported by this version of MSS. Please install the latest Media Server Studio 2017 R3 - your problem will be solved.

Best wishes, 



Hi Anna,

With regards to using the latest Media Server Studio 2017 R3 - as you suggested - this is a Windows issue not Linux.  However, I have upgraded our Windows SDK to the latest available to me which is Intel(R)_Media_SDK_2017.0.1.


The problem is still present.

The problems is exactly as described in this post:

As you can see from the latest comment, there are now at least 3 of us that have had problems with this bug.

It is a definate issue with either the Intel Driver or Intel SDK.

Please can we either have a fix for this, or a work-around as it is causing serious problems with software distribution.