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MFXVideoDECODE Init and Close Memory Leak


Hello. I develope H.264 and MPEG2 Viewing Aplication.

I use Intel Media Sdk 2013 R2 for it.

Developing application change viewing video dynamic.

So, Init and Close of MFXVideoDECODE are called many time.

H.264 HD(1920 x 1080) and MPEG2 SD(720 x 480) is always fine.

But, memory leak happen in H.264 SD(720 x 480).

I investigate aplication by Intel Inspector XE.

It indicate leaking in MFXVideoVPP_GetVPPStat of libmfxhw32.dll.

That's leak increase 156 byte every time Init and  Close.

How can I improve that's leak ?

My developing enviroment is

OS:Windows 7 Pro SP1 32 bit

CPU: Core i7-3770 3.4GHz


Graphic: Intel HD Graphics 4000

Driver version:

Please advice to me.

Thank you.


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The "Driver version:" is relatively old and many fixes have been implemented since then.

Please update graphics drivers.  (, use Windows Update, or see your PC vendors website).

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Hello, Tony.

Thank you for your advice and sorry for my late reply.

I checked graphics driver ver

Memory leak of H.264 SD is improved in the driver.

But another memory leak happen in the driver.

Memory leak happen by changing decode format.

For examle:

First, call init of MFXVideoDECODE for H.264.

Next, call close of MFXVideoDECODE and init for MPEG2.

Next, call close of MFXVideoDECODE and init for H.264.

Repeating that's sequence make memory leak.

Resolution changing have no influence.

So I try to check another way.

That's way is call close and init of MFXVideoDECODE in resolution change.

But repeat that's way for H.264, finaly fail to call close and init.

So I have question.

Repeating to call close and init is expected behavior ?

Or is there another way to change decoding format and resolution many time ?

Please tell me about it.

Thank you.

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