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MSS on Linux 32 bit



As I understand that media SDK is not available on 32 bit but only on 64 bit on Linux.

Do you plan to make one available on 32 bit in future?

I write this to raise a concern, where applications / codecs availability which are 32 bit, particularly audio and speech codecs. Porting all of them would be enormous effort of making our applications to use the media SDK. A 32 bit media SDK would be easy to integrate and go to market quickly.

Best Regards, Kishor

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Hi Kishor,

You're correct, Media Server Studio has our Media SDK implementation for Linux and it is 64 bit only.   There are no plans to add 32 bit at this time.  Media Server Studio is intended to allow applications to take full advantage of newer architectures.  Thanks for your feedback on this topic.  Customer concerns like this are always an important part of product planning, but as you know there are many requests to manage with finite resources.

Regards, Jeff

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