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Media SDK Performers down when decodes Multiple Stream.

Hello Dear Intel.

Sorry for my poor English.

I'm trying to implement Intel Media SDK hardware decodeacceleration on GStreamer (Windows).

Currently, I've accomplished a decode Element based on sample_decode in MediaSDK 2.0.

Decode Element Works fine except a sort of latency with 1 stream . ( 1280x720 H.264)

However when I try to decode multiple stream with multiple processes( each stream for a process. ), The system perfoemers starts to getting slower. ( My PC: Core i3 with Intel HD Graphics H55 , ) When I try to decode up to over 9 streams, My system freezed.

I 've tried my program on another machine ( i7-2600k with H67 step B3 ). Still the same problem ( but can decode up to 16 streams, then freezed.)

I've read therads on this forum, looks like I may try to join my SDK Sessions together. But I don't know if to join sessions together could be possible in condition of multiple processes.

Or any idea toimprove decode performers ?

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There should be no issues decoding multiple streams using Media SDK.You should be able to decode a considerable amount of HD streams before starting to see slow down.

Considering your application is freezing I suspect an application crash or a threading race condition issue.

What other tasks are performed aside from decoding the streams? Display, writing to file system, post processing?

I'm not familiar with how the GStreamer framework works on Windows, maybe there are bottlenecks or limitations in how that framework shares resources or threads the workloads?

Have you been able to pinpoint where the application freezes? Make sure you are not running out of memory (Media SDK return values may give a hint if this is the issue you're facing)

Also, make sure you use the latest platform grapics driver.

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