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Media SDK fails when using in a Windows service



Hello Forum,

when using the Media SDK in a Windows service the function MFXVideoENCODE_Query always fails with return code WRN_PARTIAL_ACCELERATION. When we run the same code as usual program, then it returns OK (ERR_NONE). This results in very high CPU load when encoding H264 video in the service. Can anyone help or give advise, please?

The output of the "mediasdk_system_analyzer_64.exe" is:

SNIP ---------->

Intel(R) Media Server Studio 2016 R2 - System Analyzer (64-bit)

The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver
[opportunistic detection of MSDK API > 1.19]:

 Version Target Supported Dec Enc
 1.0 HW Yes  X X
 1.0 SW Yes  X X
 1.1 HW Yes  X X
 1.1 SW Yes  X X
 1.2 HW Yes  X X
 1.2 SW Yes  X X
 1.3 HW Yes  X X
 1.3 SW Yes  X X
 1.4 HW Yes  X X
 1.4 SW Yes  X X
 1.5 HW Yes  X X
 1.5 SW Yes  X X
 1.6 HW Yes  X X
 1.6 SW Yes  X X
 1.7 HW Yes  X X
 1.7 SW Yes  X X
 1.8 HW Yes  X X
 1.8 SW Yes  X X
 1.9 HW Yes  X X
 1.9 SW Yes  X X
 1.10 HW Yes  X X
 1.10 SW Yes  X X
 1.11 HW Yes  X X
 1.11 SW Yes  X X
 1.12 HW No    
 1.12 SW Yes  X X
 1.13 HW No    
 1.13 SW Yes  X X
 1.14 HW No    
 1.14 SW Yes  X X
 1.15 HW No    
 1.15 SW Yes  X X
 1.16 HW No    
 1.16 SW Yes  X X
 1.17 HW No    
 1.17 SW Yes  X X
 1.18 HW No    
 1.18 SW Yes  X X
 1.19 HW No    
 1.19 SW Yes  X X

Graphics Devices:
 Name                                         Version             State
 Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000                 Active

System info:
 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3517UE CPU @ 1.70GHz
 OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
 Arch: 64-Bit

Installed Media SDK packages (be patient...processing takes some time):
 Intel(R) Media SDK 2016 R2

Installed Media SDK DirectShow filters:

Installed Intel Media Foundation Transforms:
 Intel(R) Hardware M-JPEG Decoder MFT : {00C69F81-0524-48C0-A353-4DD9D54F9A6E}
 Intel(R) Hardware VC-1 Decoder MFT : {059A5BAE-5D7A-4C5E-8F7A-BFD57D1D6AAA}
 Intel(R) Hardware H.264 Decoder MFT : {45E5CE07-5AC7-4509-94E9-62DB27CF8F96}
 Intel(R) Hardware MPEG-2 Decoder MFT : {CD5BA7FF-9071-40E9-A462-8DC5152B1776}
 Intel(R) Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder MFT : {4BE8D3C0-0515-4A37-AD55-E4BAE19AF471}
 Intel(R) Hardware Preprocessing MFT : {EE69B504-1CBF-4EA6-8137-BB10F806B014}


Analysis complete... [press ENTER]

<----------- SNAP

The output is strange, because according to it Media SDK with version > 1.11 is not supported for hardware encoding/decoding, but as mentioned above: when running as usual program the encoding works fine with very low CPU load.

Thanks for your help.



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