Media (Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library, Intel Media SDK)
Access community support with transcoding, decoding, and encoding in applications using media tools from Intel. This includes Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library and Intel® Media SDK.
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MediaSDK VPP scaling issues



From Documentation [ Intel Media Developers Guide, Table 8, page 45]: 

VPP Scaling  : ... As a result, the aspect ratio parameters of the image are maintained and non-symmetrical changes in the image size are compensated for using the black bars.
Right now, after re-initializing the entire pipeline, when we send the new input, output is not scaled as expected, if the aspect ratio is not according to docs. Blacks are expected to fill in, but for various aspect ratios, the output is unexpected. 
​We took implementation details from this example here :

Is it expected for us , to maintain specific aspect ratios? 

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