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Memory allocation fails



in my application I have to initialize and uninitialize the VPP. Reason is, that there can be different setups (usually size) for it.

When initializing the VPP using "sts = m_mfxVPP->Init(&VPPParams);" I receive the status "MFX_ERR_MEMORY_ALLOC" after some while, even if I only have one VPP instance at the same time and I'm clearing it up with "m_mfxDEC->Close(); m_mfxVPP->Close();". Afterwards I also close the session.

After some retries it works again if I restart my application, but after another amount of retries I have to restart my computer. Otherwise I'm not able to ininitalize the H.264 Encoding anymore.

What uninitializing am I missing?

Could this problem be related to memory framentation?

Thanks in advance for your advices.


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HI, are you seeing this with the software (MFX_IMPL_SOFTWARE) implementation, using libmfxsw*.dll, or only when using hardware?

If its only when you are trying to use acceleration, Can you provide a description of your hardware and drivers?  The output of the mediasdk_system_analyser_32.exe would be great for this (it is found in <install dir>\Media SDK 2014 for Clients\tools\mediasdk_sys_analyzer)

Perhaps the drivers being used have a memory leak.

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