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Missing JAR Files for INDE Tutorial for M4M (Github)



Greetings from Mexico

I'd like to point out that the link to the (now outdated) INDE Tutorial for capturing video in Android Devices, specifies in the first steps that there are 2 .JAR files 

Go to the installation folder of Media for Mobile-> libs and copy two jar files (android-<version>.jar and domain-<version>.jar) to your /Assets/Plugins/Android/ folder.

So I got the github repo and there are no JAR files whatsoever, even after building the project with Android Studio...

I came back and discovered this tutorial:

Here it says: 

Before getting started, download the Intel® INDE at and install Media for Mobile component, then download Media for Mobile samples from GitHub repository

I went looking for Media for Mobile component... but there is none, there is no way to reach these files, so the github repo becomes useless.

Where should we search instead?


Thank you

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Hi Oscar, 

INDE is no longer a suite and Media for mobile (M4M) component which was part of INDE is now completely open sourced on GitHub available for download here: In regard to JAR files (Android and Domain) source files are available in the repository. Please download the zip file from Github and build the JAR files from the source files and add to your project directory.  



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