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Mobile Media aspect ratio problem on Android (Unity 5)



I've recently added Mobile Media Video capturing to my Unity Android project. In my case after calling capture.StartCapturing () screen aspect ratio of the whole application going crazy, screenshot:

After calling capture.StopCapturing() screen remains the same. Video will be saved without any problem (on the video we will get the same problem, sound is ok).
Unity Version: 5.0.2

Android: 4.4.2 (Tested on Nexus 4), but there are the same problem on other devices.

Any idea or suggestion what it can be and how to solve this?

Thank you.



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Hi Stanislav, 

We have a tutorial here which provides step by step process to include M4M mobile video capturing to Unity 5 applications : Please follow the tutorial and let me know if the still see the issue. If you do, please send me your  project code for me to reproduce the issue so to update with workaround or fix, you can send me code directly via "Send Author A Message".



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