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Need some global orientation


Hi All,

After some time i got back to this corner of the internet and i'm missing the big picture more than ever. Maybe someon can enlighten me a bit.

I've an apollo lake hardware (E3950); i'd like to work with linux. Low power is an important issue due to bad cooling conditions on the target, so i suspect, i'll need the most hardware acceleration possible: i'd like do decode >=2 channels of h264/5 1080p60 video and put them to the video outputs (hdmi,dp; audio as well).

What do i need? Is Media Server Studio supporting the E3950? Or should i use the MediaSDK for embedded Linux? Is this still maintained? Looks like it's over 1 year old with no new revision?

iirc, there were/are different types of video-drivers for linux (the "really really" free, which i might compile e.g. when i'm following instructions in the BLFS-Book and the "not so free" one from some rpm/tarball from any SDK or similar sources here. In addition, they might need other software like libva, etc. which also seems to be available in different flavours free / free of charge / not so free... a.k.a "professional"...

But still i'm not done - i'll need further software like eg. gstreamer or ffmpeg for the decoding/demuxing - i found some doc. here:

working with gstreamer 1.10.4; which seems to be pretty outdated - also i do not know if all this will work on my apollo lake...Also, where the results from the mentioned gitub:

somehow merged into later gstreamer versions? If not, am i forced to use 1.10.4?

So any help / pointers to relevant, actual documentation, giving me a better picture of availability/version of the different SDKs+ helper software would be very much appreciated.




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