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Overflow issue in Muxing



I am capturing Screen and audio , capturing is working fine but when i mux them with sample_encode sample provided:

then i find memory leak after running 1:30 hours (one hour and thirty minutes or more).

When i run sample_encode sample alone, then also i find the memory is continously increasing from the line it call lock() function in Run() function.


Kindly tell me how to resolve this. Thanks in advance.



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Hi Mohammed - What do you mean by "muxing" in sample_encode?

Media SDK only operates on elementary video streams and does not do audio. So, if you are looking for a muxer, you need to look at ffmpeg or other solutions out there. For video processing/encode/decode/transcode, MSDK is excellent.

If you did not mean "muxing" as I am understanding and your question if focused on mem leak alone, can you please share the output of your valgrind or other tools you are using for memory leaks? Or even screen shot of your Task Manager showing mem increasing? In addition, the application you are using (if sample_encode without any changes), the command line used, and OS/driver/MSS version/platform.


Hello Sravanthi K. 

I am running sample code of muxing from: , which mux vedio and audio with ffmpeg. And i find that memory is increasing contineously when i see Task Manager. My command line parameters are: h264 -w 1920 -h 1080 -i CaptureTestYUV.yuv -o outTest.mp4 -hw -d3d -mux -b1000 -f 30. You will find 4 pic of running sample in Leak.rar which shows increase in memory in Task Manager, as long as i am running this sample the memory is increases contineously.

You can see running  project pic: Downloadapplication/rar Leak.rar


Thank you, hope my issue is clear to you.


Hi Mohammad, 


Few things which can help to narrow down this issue - 

  • What is your system configuration? - CPU info, OS, GPU and graphics driver version. You can use system analyzer tool present in installed directory to get all this info from one place. 
  • What Media SDK or Media Server Studio version is installed on your system?

If you are using an old graphics driver version or Media SDK version then it will be good to update to the latest one. Lot of bugs get fix in every release which could solve this problem as well. If you are still able to reproduce the issue with latest ones, please let us know.

What you have explained earlier is that this issue is reproducible with sample_encode as well, which I believe is captured in your screen shots as well. Can you please provide the cmd line for the sample_encode? 
MSDK-FFmpeg integeration sample you are referring to is deprecated, which mean they can be still referred to but any bug found in these samples will not get fixed. So, it will simpler to prioritize the sample_encode as compared to integrated sample if issue is reproducible on it. If not, then we will come back to ffmpeg integrated sample to help you. Also, let us know if you are making any changes to sample_encode so that we can reproduce issue locally and debug it.